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Precision Drive Systems

Weather it’s a feedback solution for a small stepper motor, a rugged shaft encoder with

95 lbs. bearing loads, or a precision measuring wheel, Precision Drive Systems (PdS)

has a variety of products to meet your needs. To help you select the perfect encoder for

your application. Below are some of the encoders Precision Drive Systems (PdS) have

been using. Models PMG10-CANopen Absolute encoders, EFL360 – BiSS C encoders,

MIL10 Linear encoders without bearing incremental and POG 11 + FSL Combination



Encoder Applications


Encoders are used to translate rotary or linear motion into a digital signal.

Usually this is for monitoring or controlling motion parameters such as speed,

rate, direction, distance or position.

When applying encoders, selecting the optimum model and specifying the

appropriate configuration are critical for success. Proper encoder selection

begins by understanding the role of the encoder in the motion control system.

To assist you with encoder selection, contact one of our Application Engineers

to discuss your application in detail. we’ve perfected many of encoders

applications out there.

If you have a question about which encoder is right for your application,

contact Precision Drive Systems. You’ll talk to real engineers, and you’ll get

answers that make sense for your application.

Call Precision Drive Systems today to find the right encoder for your


Call us at 862-377-0573 to assist you and to select the proper

encoder for your application.

Some of our products include the following:


 POG 11 + FSL                                                     PMG10 - CANopen                                               EFL360 - BiSS C