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Our Variable Frequency Drives



Precision Drives Systems (PdS) will size a Variable frequency drive for your application. These are some of the applications we have perfected.


-          Blowers

-          Fans

-          HVAC Systems

-          Conveyors

-          Lathe Machines

-          Milling Machines

-          Hoppers

-          Pumps

-          Extruding Machines

-          Drill Press Machines

-          Vacuums

-          Spray Booths

-          Packaging Machines

-          Pump Jacks

-          Waste Water Applications

-          Cutting Machines

-          Polishing Machines

-          Grinding Machines

-          Mixing Machines

-          Stone Crushing Machines

-          Electric Cars

-          Elevators

-          Escalators

-          Lifting machines

-          Conveyer Systems

-          Testing Equipment




Single-speed drives start motors abruptly, subjecting the motor to high torque and current surges up to 10 times the full-load current. In contrast, our drives offer a “soft start” capability, gradually ramping up a motor to operating speed. This lessens mechanical and electrical stress on the motor system and can reduce maintenance and repair costs and extend motor life. Our drives will allow more precise control of processes, save energy and saving on your electrical bills.